After care

Aftercare is important for a good healing of your tattoo. Below you will find the steps to follow. This is a general care method, the tattoo artist may tell you a different way. It is then important that you follow it.

1. A bandage is placed after the tattoo has been placed. This must last stay on for at least 3 hours but this may also be longer (in most cases it is better to leave it on the first night). 

2. If the dressing is removed, the tattoo must be washed. This is possible with ph-neutral soap, but if you don't have this, use JUST water. With clean hands you remove all blood and ink residues. DO NOT use washcloth.

3. Then let your tattoo air dry or pat dry with household paper, do not use a towel.

4. If your tattoo is dry, lubricate it with ointment. For this you can use bepanthol or ointment that we offer for sale. Do not use too much ointment, your tattoo needs oxygen. (3-4 times per day)

5. Keep the tattoo greasy with the ointment for 2 weeks.

6. Wash your tattoo at least 1 time per day.

7. If your tattoo is itchy  you should NOT scratch at all.

8. DO NOT soak your tattoo in water for the first 2 weeks. This means no swimming, no sauna, no bath. You can take a shower though.

9. DON'T go into the sun with your tattoo for 3 weeks and therefore NO sunbed. After always protect with sunscreen.

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